Power Wash Fence

Power Wash Fence
Power Washer

Power Wash Fence

Power Wash Fence
Power Wash Fence

CAUTION: Power Washers can cause injury  if safety is not practiced.

What you first want to do is find out what kind of wood it is that you’re pressure washing. Is the wood pressure-treated pine, like a great many wood fences are, or is the wood cedar? Is the wood fence larch or locust, or even the rarer redwood or cypress? Each of these woods are power washed and cleaned differently.

Without question you will ruin the look of a fence, even if it is already a bad-looking fence, if you don’t give any thought to and use proper technique when pressure washing a wood fence. However, don’t let that shy you away from pressure washing a wood fence; applying yourself to learning how to use a power washer on wood, specifically how to pressure wash a wood fence gives you the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

  • Power washers can be used for:
    • Fence stripping
    • Sidewalks
    • Driveways
    • and your house

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